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Belvedere 30

25,70 Kw • cm 69x57x131 h • 310 kg

The BELVEDERE 30 is larger and more powerful than the BELVEDERE 20. It has similar features, including the complete set of hydraulic components, the SICURO top safety system and majolica sides. It can function as a sole source of heating or be combined with any other boiler. The combustion chamber is very large and spacious, ensuring long intervals between one charge and the next. Choose the model with or without domestic hot water. Light the fire and enjoy the warm KLOVER!

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17,7 kW

8,0 kW


Extra features

  • Characteristics Electronic circulation pump - BELVEDERE 30 - Klover
    Electronic circulation pump
    Electronic circulation pump

    The advanced electronic circulation pump reduces electrical power consumption to a minimum.

  • Characteristics Glass fiber cable - BELVEDERE 30 - Klover
    Glass fiber cable
    Glass fiber cable

    All cabling is covered in a fibreglass material that provides protection against wear and cutting and is highly temperature resistant.

  • Characteristics Top exit - BELVEDERE 30 - Klover
    Top exit
    Top exit

    Configuration for upper smoke exhaust

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