Pellet | Thermo

E-connect 1700

17,00 Kw • cm 47x57x111,5 h • 180 kg

• Robust steel covering
• Vermiculite and glass fibre insulation
• Sealed combustion
• Top and rear flue connections
• Plumbing connections at the top
• All plumbing equipment included as standard supply
• “Frontal Clean” system
• Integrated safety sensors
• External room thermostat control

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12.8 kW


Extra features

  • Characteristics Quartz ignition plug - e-connect 1700 - Klover
    Quartz ignition plug
    Quartz ignition plug

    Provides up to 6 times faster ignition compared to a conventional ignition plug, as well as ensuring greater resistance to wear and reduced electrical power consumption.

  • Characteristics Electronic circulation pump - e-connect 1700 - Klover
    Electronic circulation pump
    Electronic circulation pump

    The advanced electronic circulation pump reduces electrical power consumption to a minimum.

  • Characteristics Boiler touch screen - e-connect 1700 - Klover
    Boiler touch screen
    Boiler touch screen

    The modern touch screen display enables you to control the appliance by simply touching it

  • Characteristics G.A.S - e-connect 1700 - Klover

    The innovative automatic cleaning system for the patented brazier that allows combustion with micro-gasification. Not provided as standard with all models.

  • Characteristics Glass fiber cable - e-connect 1700 - Klover
    Glass fiber cable
    Glass fiber cable

    All cabling is covered in a fibreglass material that provides protection against wear and cutting and is highly temperature resistant.

  • Characteristics Weekly programmer - e-connect 1700 - Klover
    Weekly programmer
    Weekly programmer

    The integrated timer enables you to configure daily on/off times and optimise operation throughout the day

  • Characteristics Advanced controller - e-connect 1700 - Klover
    Advanced controller
    Advanced controller

    Designed to ensure total control, efficiency and safety.

  • Characteristics K sensor - e-connect 1700 - Klover
    K sensor
    K sensor

    Provides optimal real time control of the flame, reduces ignition, switch off and reignition times, and hence also optimises electrical power consumption.

  • Characteristics Chrome Protected treatment - e-connect 1700 - Klover
    Chrome Protected treatment
    Chrome Protected treatment

    The entire pellet loading system is chromed treated to prevent wear and degradation due to damp fuel.

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