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Altea 110

14,70 Kw • cm 110x60x87,5 h • 350 kg

Want to heat your entire home using a small amount of wood? The right solution is ALTEA. With a total output of 29.3 kW, you can comfortably heat houses over 200 square metres and produce all the hot water you need for the whole household.


Want to cook tasty dishes on the griddle and in the oven? The right solution is ALTEA. Thanks to the "double burner" cast iron griddle, you can cook multiple dishes at the same time. What's more, the stainless steel oven, featuring an interior light and removable racks, lets you get creative by preparing excellent lasagnas, roasts and desserts.


Want a product equipped with the exclusive SICURO TOP System? The right solution is ALTEA. Safety is number one, and our SICURO TOP System that has made us stand out for so many years will give you total peace of mind. The standard hydraulic components make assembly easy.


Want high output with low emissions? The right solution is ALTEA. With a certified output of 87.7% and 21.8 mg/m3 dust particles, you'll have the most efficient and eco-friendly wood product in its class.


Want a contemporary and sophisticated design? The right solution is ALTEA. Its fine finishes, fire and oven doors with double ceramic glass and refined handles, as well as the colour range of its hand-enamelled majolica, are just some of the features that make this product the right choice for your home.


Extra features

  • Characteristics Electronic circulation pump - ALTEA 110 - Klover
    Electronic circulation pump
    Electronic circulation pump

    The advanced electronic circulation pump reduces electrical power consumption to a minimum.

  • Characteristics Double glass - ALTEA 110 - Klover
    Double glass
    Double glass

  • Characteristics Glass fiber cable - ALTEA 110 - Klover
    Glass fiber cable
    Glass fiber cable

    All cabling is covered in a fibreglass material that provides protection against wear and cutting and is highly temperature resistant.

  • Characteristics Top exit - ALTEA 110 - Klover
    Top exit
    Top exit

    Configuration for upper smoke exhaust

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