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Dea eco 8

6,80 Kw • cm 41x55x95 h • 90 kg
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6,8 kW


Developed in the KLOVER workshops to increase thermal yield and safety, this revolutionary system uses the principle of “bain-marie“ by providing a home heating system fitted with a closed expansion chamber, while the “SICURO TOP“ product has a built-in open chamber and works, therefore, at zero pressure. With this system there are no more dangers due to increased pressure if the water reaches boiling point. The pressure inside the boiler unit is zero. An overflow pipe ensures safety in the event of boiling by discharging excess water from the upper tank, while water may be topped up via an automatic or manual device, depending on the type of model.

All wiring cables are covered with woven fibreglass. This exceptional form of protection against wear and cutting provides a safe connection system over time that is also highly resistant to temperature and contact with hot surfaces.

All compo- nents constantly exposed to dampness are protected by total chrome plating to ensure long-lasting life and efficiency. In addition, the entire pellet loading system is also fully chrome treated to prevent any wear and dete- rioration due to damp fuel.

Extra features

  • Characteristics Sealed cast iron brazier - DEA ECO 8 - Klover
    Sealed cast iron brazier
    Sealed cast iron brazier

    Thanks to the hermetically sealed brazier and gasket, the concentrated flow of oxygen prevents incrustations forming.

  • Characteristics Glass fiber cable - DEA ECO 8 - Klover
    Glass fiber cable
    Glass fiber cable

    All cabling is covered in a fibreglass material that provides protection against wear and cutting and is highly temperature resistant.

  • Characteristics Weekly programmer - DEA ECO 8 - Klover
    Weekly programmer
    Weekly programmer

    The integrated timer enables you to configure daily on/off times and optimise operation throughout the day

  • Characteristics Chrome Protected treatment - DEA ECO 8 - Klover
    Chrome Protected treatment
    Chrome Protected treatment

    The entire pellet loading system is chromed treated to prevent wear and degradation due to damp fuel.

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